Welcome to E Squared Law Group

Cara Panebianco and Katia Bloom

E Squared Law Group is a boutique firm in the San Francisco Bay Area serving small businesses, entrepreneurs and employees. Although we focus on contract, corporate, employment and small business law, we are available for all areas of civil practice.

Engaged. We know there is a broad need for quality legal services and realize how these services should be provided is different than what is generally available. We engage with you to fully understand your unique needs and have the flexibility to tailor our services accordingly. By taking the time to know you, we are better able to resolve your legal issues and prevent additional issues from arising. When you hire E Squared Law Group you know who you are working with and are assured you have our full attention.
Dedicated. We are an enthusiastic team that prides itself on providing the superior and comprehensive legal counsel you need. More than just “lawyers,” we relish our roles as counselors and advocates. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We love what we do and want to assure that no problems stop you from doing what you love.
Loyal. Our focus is not only on solving your current issue, but on building lasting relationships that reflect our commitment to your success. The term “loyal” originated from the Latin word legalis or “legal.” We uphold the notion that “loyal” and “legal” are one and the same.